The solution to congestion of traffic is “Smart Parking”!!

We’re all too familiar with the sight of a road full of cars trying to find a parking space, worsening traffic by slowing down other vehicles. According to a report conducted by IBM, approximately 30 per cent of city traffic is induced by drivers deliberately looking for a parking spot.

As drivers in major cities continue to deal with traffic congestion, urban planners are turning to IoT solution providers to help with intelligent transport management tools.

The urban population boom is on full swing, as analysts estimate that an additional 2.5 billion people will live in major urban areas by 2050.With that in mind, city and municipal planners are looking for automated IoT technology solutions that will keep city dwellers comfortable, balanced and safe.

City planners are turning to solution providers and IoT software manufacturers to help develop smart parking and traffic management systems to reduce downtown pressure points. Some early development systems require the installation of pavement-embedded (or pavement-top) sensors to capture open-space data and make it accessible to drivers and parking facility operators.

However, creating more parking spaces won’t necessarily solve traffic congestion in densely populated cities. Instead, we need better management of the existing spaces. Smart parking technology holds the key to easing traffic by smoothening parking process for both drivers and operators.

Smart Parking Reduces Cruising Time

Smart parking also reduces traffic congestion by making the process of parking faster. If city planners installed sensor lights on every space, drivers could get off the road quickly by understanding availability in advance. Parking facilities can also list the number of spaces available at the entrance with sensors constantly updating the figures, thus ensuring drivers always have the latest information and save commute time.

Smart parking technology will go beyond sensors and spaces. Sensors can be synced to a cloud network that feeds the data into a mobile app using the latest developments in IoT. Such apps could then guide the driver to the next available parking space with a GPS providing directions. The driver can thus keep his eyes on the road and save time searching for spaces. Smart Parking as a Solution to Traffic Woes

Smart Parking as a Solution to Traffic Woes

Smart parking technology combines the use of sensors, street lights, smart navigation systems, and online payment platforms to relay information to drivers and parking lot operators. The real-time data collected from the sensor system is translated into actionable insights on smart parking applications. These are then used by drivers to take the least congested route, get an overview of the parking options, and make payment at the touch of a button.

The Solution to Reducing Congestion

The solution to reducing congestion is using Smart Parking solutions, where sensors detect whether parking spots are occupied or not. Consequently, this intelligent sensor solution will lead drivers straight to a free parking spot in their area of destination. The sensors are connected to the app and parking signages which gives users real-time insights on the occupancy of a parking bay. This means that you as a driver, will not have to spend time and gas when looking to find a parking spot. Simply navigate to an unoccupied parking space.

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Believer of Collaborative growth.AI and IOT #thoughtLeader and being update with the latest #technology #hypemarketing #writer #womenintech

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Aisha Siddiqua

Aisha Siddiqua

Believer of Collaborative growth.AI and IOT #thoughtLeader and being update with the latest #technology #hypemarketing #writer #womenintech

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